Here are some examples of our work. Please click on an image in order to view more detail on the project.

Dalrymple Family History
A Comprehensive Narrative of Six Generations

Phyllis has an excellent memory, and remembered her ancestors in great detail. Her family knew that her memory was a family treasure, and wanted to save her stories for posterity. We transcribed our audio interviews with Phyllis, and categorized her stories by each ancestor. In the end, we had compiled hundreds of pages of stories, detailing each family member. Supplementing the book with genealogical data and scans of precious historical photographs, the family now has a complete anthology of the Dalrymple family.

This book is amazing! We didn't know how much information Grandma had about our ancestors, and to see it all in one place is incredible. I feel like we are getting acquainted with previous generations of our family. It is so nice to have a story to go with the photos.

-Phyllis' Granddaughter

Until this book was written, all the information I had about the Dalrymples was a digital family tree. I had no stories of these people. Our ancestors have now come to life in this book.

-Phyllis' Granddaughter

Majestic Scenery
A decade of adventures in the Western United States

Jorma has spent the last several decades climbing and adventuring. His photography skills continued to improve with each trip, as did the camera equipment he used. He relished the moments he spent at the peak of each mountain. As he poured over photographs of his trips, he decided it was time to create a coffee table book. He commissioned Generations Books to help him with the book design and layout. Jorma chose the best photographs, and sent them to us. We came up with a design and created an attractive, hard-cover volume of his photographs.

This book is just amazing. It was so much larger and more impressive than I was expecting. I have always wanted to create a book of my own photography, and Erik and Faye made it happen. I am thrilled!



Travels With Mom
Our Adventures Around the Globe with a Remarkable Woman

Barbara's children wanted to honor their mother with a book of their travels together. We compiled hundreds of photos, organized them by trip, and created an artistic photography book.

As we compiled photographs of our travels, the story of our time together with Mom took shape beautifully. It was nice to have something to gift as a milestone in time while life is still shareable.

-Barbara's son

The White Papers of Bill Huck
Memoirs of a Life Well Lived

Bill Huck knew, after he retired, that he wanted to pass on his wisdom to his children and grandchildren. He regretted not recording his own father's stories, and wanted to give his family something they would value once he had gone. Over the course of several years, Bill wrote essays about his life. We helped him edit and compile these essays into a beautiful, hard-bound book, supplementing it with photographs taken throughout his life. The book release party was a joyful and profound experience for Bill. Seeing the years of work he had put into writing his autobiography come to fruition, was a significant moment for him.

Bill was always a great friend and we had many talks about his white papers over the years. He even asked me to read some of them, from time to time. I know he was taking a writing class at one point, but until I saw this book that Faye and Erik put together I had no idea of the scope of his writings. While most of the writing in the book is Bill's (I recognize the way he talked and wrote), the way it is put together with the pictures and some of the comments that F&E added, this is a handsome book. Anyone who knew Bill will love this book, and anyone who loves Austin Healy cars will also like it. Sailing? Included. Ice boating? Included. Random cranky thoughts from an old curmudgeon? Yup.

-Bill's son-in-law

My grandpa spent his later years writing stories of his life. Seeing Faye and Erik's artistry come to life in this book is amazing. The fact that he got to see his writing as a complete book before he passed away was a dream made real for Grandpa.

-Bill's granddaughter

This book gave me insight into so much I didn't know about my dad's life. I knew him for 62 years, but I learned so much more reading this: the things he thought and did as a child. I wish I could have been there with him as he grew up.

-Bill's daughter

Grandma Bonny Loves Me
A Biography For Her Grandchildren

When Bonny found out that she had cancer, she wanted to create a book for her grandchildren. This book would help her communicate her values to her granddaughters and help them to remember her after she passed. We worked with Bonny to collect pictures of her paintings and quilts, digitize her artistic photgraphs, and gather pictures of her throughout her life. From our interviews with Bonny, we wrote her biography as a children's book. As Bonny worked on this project, she reflected on her life, which albeit short, was full of love and wonderful memories. She wrote letters to each of her grandchildren, sharing her love and her hopes for their futures.

When someone passes, it's hard to imagine what life will be like without them. Especially with young kids, you wonder if they will even remember their loved one. What's so wonderful about a book like this is that it puts it all together in one place. My kids can get to know all sides of their grandma. The book is very intimate. Even my youngest, who was a year old when my mom passed, feels like she knows her Grandma Bonny.

-Bonny's daughter

This book is such a treasure. Faye and Erik worked with my wife to create this memorial for our granddaughters. During Bonny's illness, she was so excited to create this beautiful book. Faye and Erik were excellent about sharing the progress, and asking Bonny about each photo and clarifying the story behind each one. They helped her to write letters to the granddaughters that they can read when they are older. This was much more than a just a book - this was a way for Bonny to send her message down the generations. I cannot say enough how important this was to Bonny and me.

-Bonny's husband

Grandpa Gordon: Finding Home
An Biography With A Lesson

Gordon's children wanted to create a book about their dad. They shared stories about Gordon and his life-long desire to move to Oregon. Through interviews with his children, we created the story of his life, with photographs of Gordon and his family.

Dad's book is a wonderful story of the man who guided us throughout our lives. We are all very happy to have this book with old family photos. I appreciate the that this is a biography with a moral: to pursure your dreams, even if it may take decades to achieve. Dad was an inspiration and this book reflects that.

-Gordon's son

My grandpa passed away when I was five. I have few memories of him, but those arevery precious to me. Being able to experience his life through this book has been invaluable.

-Gordon's granddaughter

The Beauty of Friendship
A friendship that brought two families together

Jane and Barbara's lifelong friendship ended up bringing two families together. This is a story of two women who taught their families the value of connection and dedication.

Being involved in the process of making my mother in law and her best friend's book was so much fun. Listening to their stories and collecting photos gave me insight into the early parts of their relationship. Erik and Faye made the whole process very easy and fun. Working with them was a pleasure.

-Jane's daughter-in-law

Grandma Betty: Lessons of Strength
The Life Story of A Strong Woman.

After Betty passed away, her family fondly shared stories of the old days and reminisced about the precious moments they spent with their wonderful mother. It became evident how much Betty had taught them about strength, and appreciating the people who had laid the way for us to live strong, healthy lives.

I had seen most of the pictures in this book, and heard some of the stories, but Faye and Erik interviewed various members of our family and were careful to get the stories straight and matched with the pictures. The way the book is laid out is far more than just a box of photos with some notes scribbled on the back (which is where they started). This is a beautiful narrative of Betty's life and shows how she became the matriarch of her family.

-Betty's son

A Child's Yearbook
A summary of your child's year with pictures and activities.

These children were delighted to see their very own books, with pictures of them and their families throughout the year. These books also included activities customized for the child and pages that they could color. For younger children, you can also include pictures of them throughout their lives.

I love my book! I was such a cute baby!