Custom keepsake books for the whole family
Everyone has a story to share.
We help connect families across generations by creating beautiful keepsake books.

We help you tell your story and compile it into a beautifully designed, curated book. Let's share your story, so it lasts for many generations to come.

We create keepsake books and lasting memoirs for everyone from children to adults, chronicling lives, honoring relationships, and documenting family history.
Custom Family History Books

I couldn't believe the beauty of the book we made. I keep looking over my book: it is a project I have been thinking of doing for many years. Erik and Faye made it a fun experience, and the book completely surpassed my expectations.

Custom books for the whole family
Honor your relationship with someone in your family with a custom keepsake book, chronicling your time together.

Save your family history for the next generations
Enjoy the peace of knowing your photos have been saved, organized and identified, and your precious family stories preserved.

Photo organization
We help scan your important photos at your location.

"We don't own our family history. We simply preserve it for the next generation."
-Rosemary Alva

Your stories inspire future generations, showing they can accomplish more and overcome life's hardships.

Our archival books last for generations.

A well-crafted book serves to bring the family closer together.

Meet Your Team

FAYE: I have had a passion for book creation and design since I was a little girl. Working in the fields of technical writing, web and graphic design, and as the owner and active practitioner of a massage therapy practice, I value the deep connection we all share, and the design of an experience.

I have had the honor of compiling my grandfather's memoirs, nearly 300 pages of wonderful stories of his life. My mother and I worked together to edit and design a hardcover book for him, which he was honored to receive as a gift in front of the whole family.

When my mother became ill, we worked on her biography together. This book was written for her young grandchildren, and included letters she wrote to each of them, telling them of her hopes for them in the future. This book helped my mother wrap up her time here on earth reflecting on her beautiful life, and continues to serve as a bond between her grandchildren and their grandmother. My next project was to create stories of my young niece's lives, books that included their own art and stories they had written. Since then, Erik and I have written many life stories for others, at all stages of life.

Every family has people and stories who inspire future generations. My uncle has climbed most of the tallest mountain peaks in the world, and photographed many of his adventures along the way. We were excited to create a beautiful coffee table book of his photography. Through this book, future generations will know that their world is a little bigger, and the possibilities of what they can accomplish are greater. It is wonderful to know that strong, inspiring people have come before us.

This is very satisfying and humbling work, that means a great deal to the people involved.

ERIK: Some of my most memorable childhood moments were spent with my grandfather in his workshop, watching his strong hands as he introduced me to woodworking tools. I matched his pace in the garden as we sweat together in the sweltering Texas summer. His words still carry on in my mind: "It's all in how you hold your mouth," and "let the tool do the work."

I received a degree in forestry at Louisiana State, and made my way up to the Pacific Northwest, where I worked deep in the evergreen forests. In the evening, we told stories of our days and our lives. I also spent many evenings sharing stories with my fellow hikers on my seasons hiking the Appalachian Trail.

I have always enjoyed organization, writing and music, and am now a massage therapist with my own practice. I appreciate listening to others' stories, and relish their passion as they speak of their past.

How Does It Work?


Together, we discuss your story: what is important to you, what you would like to share, and the intended audience of the book. We find a project scope that meets your budget and time constraints.


Next, we gather the media for your story: photos, newspaper clippings, recipes, and whatever else you would like to share. At the same time, we will record your stories.


We take the digital media and the audio, and design a beautiful, archival book that uniquely tells your story.


When the book is finished, we throw a book signing party so your loved ones can congratulate you on the final book.