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Turn your memories into beautiful keepsake books.

Transform stacks of photos, letters and papers into gorgeous coffee table books.



Capturing your family story can feel like an overwhelming project. It is hard to know where to start. That’s where Generations Books comes in. We give you the help you need to make your book project easy, doable, and fun.

Take a journey down memory lane and emerge from this trip with a creative, colorful and beautiful book. Your book will become a family heirloom, treasured for generations to come.

Keeping your project easy and fun

We take the overwhelm out of this important project and help you keep it fun and do-able.


Custom books for the whole family

Honor your relationship with someone in your family with a custom keepsake book, chronicling your time together.

Save your family history for the next generations

Enjoy the peace of knowing your photos have been saved, organized and identified, and your precious family stories preserved.

I couldn’t believe the beauty of the book we made. I keep looking over my book: it is a project I have been thinking of doing for many years. Erik and Faye made it a fun experience, and the book completely surpassed my expectations.

-Happy Client

We help you tell your story and compile it into a beautifully designed, curated book.
Let's share your story, so it lasts for many generations to come.

We're all immortal, as long as our stories are told.

-Elizabeth Hunter

Together, we discuss your story: what is important to you, what you would like to share, and the intended audience of the book. We find a project scope that meets your budget and time constraints.


Next, we gather the media for your story: photos, newspaper clippings, recipes, and whatever else you would like to share.


We design a beautiful, archival book that uniquely tells your story.


When the book is finished, you can share it with your family... or the world!

Digitize your precious photos and turn them into
creative projects that are treasured for generations to come.

Your descendants will love you for loving them.